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Best Timing for a Home Renovation

June 15, 2022
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The home renovation surge is in full swing, and just about everyone is designing, constructing, painting, and perfecting their home upgrades. However, this widespread flurry of renovations often leads to escalated costs, potential supply chain issues, and unexpected delays, including unavailability of preferred contractors. So recognizing that timing is crucial, and once your renovation plans are meticulously crafted, here are key considerations to ponder when preparing to schedule your home renovation (although the most opportune period to remodel is when it aligns best with your convenience).

1. Weather: If you’re thinking of adding on to your home in most states the winter won’t be the best time. Think about adding on to your home starting at the end of spring when the weather starts to get better, or the beginning of fall when the weather is still holding and by the time the exterior is completed the work can be completed indoors out of any potential bad weather.

2. Supply and demand: Just like everything we buy, material prices fluctuate depending on demand of the project. Planning a project when material prices are at their lowest can save you a lot of money.

3. Contractor availability: As mentioned above, summer is renovation season which means your contractor may not be able to start your project for a couple of months. Have a deck project? Start the estimating process in early spring so your deck is ready for your first summer BBQ. Have a partial or full home renovation? Start the estimating process in late fall and plan your project over the winter months after the holidays. As a matter of fact, most interior home renovation projects can be completed over the winter and this is the time contractors have the most time.

Best projects for each season:


Interior home renovations

Interior custom painting

Interior maintenance and repair


Installation of new windows

Deck and fence repairs & painting

Deck, pergola and fence builds


Power washing of exterior of home, sidewalks, decks, and patios

Deck and fence repairs & painting

Exterior maintenance and repair


Exterior home painting

Interior home renovations

Interior custom painting

Additions to your existing home

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