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Holiday Entertaining Tips for Your Home

November 17, 2022

December is here and that means, the holidays. As if our day-to-day lives are not stressful enough we are charged with creating a perfect and magical season for our families. We say… throw that stress out the window and forget about perfection, enjoy the extra time we are blessed with this time of year to spend with those you love – they are definitely not expecting perfection.

Spending time together playing games, baking, decorating, watching movies, and singing your favorite Christmas Carols will bring your family closer together. All this without much planning and guaranteed fun.

When it comes to the holiday meal, this may not be the time of year to experiment with new recipes. Pull out your tried and true recipes and spend more time enjoying the meal together. And, be sure to ask for help during the preparation of your holiday meal. Assign everyone in your family something to do. Even the little one’s can be involved, have them set the table (again, throwing perfection out the window), or sweep up as messes get made.

Planning on holiday party? The number one rule is to enjoy your own party! Here are tips on how to do just that:

Festive Fragrance: Forget the candles. Why worry about people bumping them over, or going out? Just boil then simmer cinnamon sticks for about 30 minutes then take off the heat.

Avoid Overloading the Fridge: Keep all the extra drinks outside. It the majority of areas it will be cold enough outside to keep your drinks chilly.

Spread the Snacks: It makes sense to keep the food all in one place, but that can make for traffic jams and keep people all in one area – encourage people to mingle by having the snacks and drinks in different areas of your home.

Timing will Keep You Sane: Have drinks out and a few snacks when guests first arrive, then bring out more snacks as the evening moves on.

All Food Homemade, No: These days there are plenty of stores with delicious appetizers that are pre-made and ready to heat and eat. Take the stress out and go to your local Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Sprouts Market for fun and interesting foods to serve.

“Hire” the DJ: instead of taking precious time putting together the perfect playlist, put on Pandora or Spotify. Pick a mix and forget about it.

Set Up Made Easy: Set up everything the night before; rearrange the furniture, gather extra seating, get your guest restroom ready, put together the food that you’ll be serving. The next evening, just pull everything out and you’re ready to go.

It is so easy to get caught up in what is being sold to us as the perfect holiday season. We give you permission to forgo what you’re being told. You should do for your family and friends what feels right. Building memories, time together reminiscing and laughing are going to be the things that outlast the latest toy, or gadget. This is the time to give thanks for all our many blessings, big and small. It’s a time to reflect on own lives, it’s time to think of others. You have permission to enjoy your holidays how you see fit.

We do hope you enjoy your holidays this year and have the happiest of new years. And, when you’re ready to schedule an estimate for home repairs and renovations we’ll be here. Contact B.L. Ward & Associates at 302.312.6051, or email us at We are here to help you keep your home your best and proudest investment.