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How to Choose the Right Mirror for your Space and Hang it!

January 18, 2023

A mirror, or several, is an easy way to add character and light to your home as well as adding a perception of extra space to a smaller home or room. But choosing where and how to place your mirror can be a little intimidating. Here are some quick tips on where to place a decorative mirror.:

• Above your fireplace

• Where natural light shines and can be reflected by the mirror

• At the end of a narrow space

• As your kitchen backsplash

• Placed as artwork creating a gallery wall

• Between two accent windows

Really, the possibilities are endless…think headboard, furniture, closet doors, alcoves, walls and small gardens. All great places to add a fun and beautiful design element but also be functional.

The placement of the mirror is just as important as the location. If you’re using a mirror to increase the natural light in your home be sure to place it opposite of your windows. When placing a mirror above your fireplace you’ll want to make sure the mirror is at most the width of the mantel or just a few inches smaller at each side. The height makes a difference too, leave about a foot between the ceiling and top of the mirror.

Are you placing the mirror at the end of your hallway? You have a few choices here, for example, a wall mirror with a console table underneath - but we say a floor length mirror will do the trick helping to add light and making a big impact. Check out all the floor length mirror options at!

And to help you make sure you’re using the right placement avoid these pitfalls.:

• Hanging your mirror to high

• Choosing a mirror that is the wrong scale for your room

• Not taking in account the style of your room

When hanging the mirror above a furniture piece it’s important to marry the two pieces together. A good rule of thumb is to start at 10-12” above the furniture and make sure it’s at eye level. Another guideline is to make sure the mirror is not wider than the piece beneath it.

Another thought when placing a mirror should be what it reflects so consider the view or the décor it will reflect.

So now it’s time to hang your mirror. This can be daunting, particularly if it’s a larger mirror. Therefore, if you are hanging a heavy mirror, we do suggest having a ‘helper’ with you. You’ll also need the following tools.:

• Pencil

• Level

• Measuring tape

• Painters tape

• Stud finder or multifunction stud finder

• Screwdriver

• Drill

• Hammer

• Wall anchors

Next, you’ll want to determine the weight of your mirror then purchase the appropriate wall anchors. Once you’ve decided on the location to hang the mirror, you’ll use your level to mark the wall where you want the top of your mirror to hang, you can do this using your pencil or even painter’s tape. Once that’s done find at least one stud to screw in your wall anchor, this will ensure your mirror will hang securely on the wall. At this point you’ll attach your brackets or d-rings to the anchor screws and hang your mirror.

Now, we realize we’ve made it sound fairly easy and most the time it is but if you need a step-by-step guide check out this article from Better Homes & Gardens. And if you still aren’t convinced you can do this on your own and decided not to DIY this project please reach out to B.L. Ward & Associates to schedule an estimate.

Enjoy the beauty mirrors will bring to your home!