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Is Hiring An Interior Decorator For You?

August 25, 2022

Home updates and renovations are great, but how will you ensure that your new home’s renovations will fit your needs, wants and dreams without planning how the spaces in your home will flow, or if you’re purchasing the right tile or appliances, or picking the right paint for your walls? There’s so much more to a home update or renovation than knowing you want a bigger bathroom, or you want a tile backsplash. Hiring an interior decorator will help you save money and time, eliminate stress and create feel-good spaces just for you.

1. How can an interior decorator save you money? First of all your interior decorator can help you establish and keep to a budget. And not only a budget but will know the best places to purchase items of value. Your interior decorator will also help you pick pieces of furniture that will actually fit into your space and will give you professional advice on picking just the right paint color helping to avoid costly “do-over” mistakes.

2. How does an interior decorator save you time? Hiring a professional interior decorator means you’re hiring the person that actually has the time to pay attention to your contractor’s deadlines and knows when to order items to fit the timeframe. As well, be able to anticipate any problems that may come up.

3. How does an interior decorator help me with my contractor? Your decorator has worked with enough contractors to speak their language. You can use your interior decorator as a liaison between every contractor involved in your project. Knowing where your furniture or appliances are going will help to determine where you want outlets, home security and smart home devices placed.

So we know that hiring a professional interior decorator can help you save time and money, but how do you work with one?

First, have realistic expectations. We’re all familiar with the home decorator shows but these shows often lead us to believe that a major home project can be done in just a few days. Remember that these shows have a whole team behind them. Ask your interior decorator how long they expect the project to be.

And be sure to have a consultation with a few different decorators. Having pictures and examples of your ideas and the décor you like is very helpful for your decorator and have a few of your ideas ready to review during your consultation. Also during this time you’ll be able to ask for samples of their work, learn more about their process and business, and more importantly you’ll be able to determine if you’ll be excited to work this person.

Communicate. Don’t be afraid to be decisive, your decorator will want your feedback and input to make sure that you’re happy with the outcome. Also understand that no project is without its issues. This is a process that requires patience and teamwork.

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