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How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays and Stay Sane at the Same Time

September 14, 2022

October has become the start of the holiday season with the rise in popularity of celebrating Halloween by children and adults alike. And then there’s everyone’s favorite…Thanksgiving. It’s the only truly American holiday, and it isn’t about dressing up and asking for free candy, or spending money by giving gifts, it’s all about family. Then comes along Christmas – it’s the most popular holiday in the US. So we have three full months of decorating our homes! So how do you decorate your home for the holidays and enjoy them at the same time?

By using what you own you can liven up your space or front porch without spending too much money or time. Have some hurricane candleholders? Put candy corns in the bottom and flameless candles to cast an eerie glow. You can even use empty jam jars. Don’t have time to carve pumpkins (and of course never carve them to early!)? – paint them! No specific pattern needed – dots will do. A porch full of pumpkins and scattered fallen leaves screams it’s Halloween time!

Now, some (or all) of your painted pumpkins will easily transfer to Thanksgiving. You can wrap some of them with pretty Thanksgiving inspired garland to place on your dining table or atop your fireplace mantle. Also employ those hurricane candleholders and fill with corn kernels this time. Use mason jars for easy vases – these look great with fresh orange Roses, Lilies, Sunflowers or red Carnations, add some fall colored leaves and bare branches to enhance the autumn feel in your home.

Christmas is probably the time you really get your decorating on. But does it have to take a week or two to decorate? No. Look for that pretty platter in the cupboard – pull it out place ornaments and garland for an easy table setting. And, guess what? You can use those hurricane candleholders again! Use sprigs of evergreens and holly to decorate a few and ornaments in others – that’s it! You may have an attic full of Christmas decorations, pick out only your favorites and decorate with those. Have collections of Santa, Snowmen or Angels? Create areas around the home for each set in places you love the most. Have an artificial tree with lights – really, that’s all you need.

Having a wreath for each holiday is a simple way to decorate your door, keep the wreath hanger up and simply swap out your wreath each month. And lighting isn’t just for Christmas. Use your Christmas lights for every holiday – place along the inside of your front window, along the mantle, anywhere that will bring in the light during our darker months.

As fun as it can be it’s not all about decorating every inch of your home. Adding holiday cheer can be easy and fun, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all the details. And most of all enjoy your holidays!

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