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Welcome to our Resources Page!

We are the Wards! A husband and wife team and the owners of B.L. Ward & Associates, LLC - your trusted residential and commercial construction partners! We're happy you've entrusted our team with your home and commercial needs.

Outside of the construction site, we'd like to share some additional resources to you - whether you're looking to try some DIY projects in your home or your investor looking to start to flip houses, check out our YouTube page, blog or recent Podcast spots to hear from us!

We thank you for your continued business - as we look to continue to be Delaware's committed construction professional.

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Couples in Business

Couples in Business

If you and your spouse have a business, or if you have a business and you’d like to bring your spouse into it, tune in! Come on in, wipe your feet, wash your hands and pull up a chair. Let’s do business!

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Couples in Business

Real Estate Investing - Pt. 3

The Contractor

Together, they walk us through what an investor or homebuyer should be looking for when hiring a contractor. Pull up a chair and get yourself comfortable. It's time to do business.

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